Our Stories

The B.I.G North team in the Arctic

The Women Journeying to The North Pole Before Its Gone

The all-female expedition team's final journey to the Arctic on skis to understand the Arctic's changing environment before it is all gone

Adventure photographer Grace TSP in Sumatra in the Indonesian Rainfores with the 38L Hybrid Duffle Backpack

Exploring the Indonesian Rainforest in Search of Orangutans

Through her experience trekking through the Indonesian Rainforest to photograph Orangutans, Grace TSP delves into her journey and the gear used for the adventure.

Mangroves in the Bay of Bengal

Reviving the Bay of Bengal's Mangroves with Qasa Alom

Journalist and Presenter, Qasa Alom, travels to roots in The Bay of Bengal to understand how rapidly rising sea levels are impacting local communities, and how mangrove forests are helping to futur...

Kaush Subramaniam is a British wildlife conservation biologist

Swimming for Change with Kaush Subramaniam

Kaush Subramaniam highlights the story of Bento Nhamussua, once unable to swim, now teaches his community in Mozambique to swim and embrace marine conservation.

Former VOGUE India Editor Bandana Tewari with a group of women in India

This Former VOGUE Editor’s Vision: A Fashion World Without Waste

Bandana Tewari is a lifestyle editor, sustainable activist and formerly the editor-at-large as well as the fashion features director of Vogue India. She encourages the fashion industry to go back t...

Survivalist Ed Stafford in a boat on the Amazon with his backpack

How Survivalist Ed Stafford Applies Outdoor Skills to Everyday Life

Ed Stafford is the first person to walk the entire length of the Amazon River, documented in the 2011 TV series Walking the Amazon. Since then Ed has been travelling the world in some of the most e...

Explorer Felicity Aston in the Arctic

Explorer Felicity Aston's Journey to Understand the Arctic

Felicity Aston is a Polar Explorer, who has led record setting expeditions to both the North and South Pole. Now she sets off on the B.I.G North Pole expedition to understand the changing Arctic Se...

Expedition Greenland

Gearing Up for an All-Female Crew's Epic Sail to Greenland

Six female leaders embark on a 15 day voyage from Iceland to Greenland on a new climate action mission.

Dr Jack Milln in nature with the GROUNDTRUTH backpack

Away from the NHS frontline

NHS Dr Jack Milln, takes time away from the Covid frontlines to get some much needed nature. 

Tolga Aktas in nature

The Accidental Naturalist

Conservation biologist Tolga Aktas reflects on how the COVID-19 pandemic prompted him to explore and appreciate local nature spots, fostering a deeper connection with the natural world while reduci...

Alladale Wilderness Reserve

Reforesting Alladale Wilderness Reserve

Exploring Alladale Wilderness Reserve, where Paul Lister and his team are planting over 900,000 native trees to reforest the UK’s oldest Caledonian pine forest.

In the field with GroundTruth Productions

A Journey with GroundTruth Productions

Georgia and Sophia Scott share their journey filming around the world for GroundTruth Productions.

Explorer Rob Swan

Training for the Antarctic with Polar Explorer, Rob Swan

Polar Explorer, Rob Swan trains for his Antarctic expedition.

An Orangutan in Sumatra

A Journey to Northern Sumatra

Sophia Scott's journey into the Sumatran Rainforest to document a biologist working to dismantle illegal palm oil plantations.

A whale in Antarctica

Behind the Scenes in Antarctica

Our work as filmmakers has taken us to some of the world’s wildest and most challenging environments. 

Explorer Rob Swan in Antarctica field-testing GROUNDTRUTH bags

Field-testing GROUNDTRUTH bags with Rob Swan

A week in remote Finse, in northern Norway, testing our new designs with explorer Rob Swan. 

Plastic pollution in the ocean

Developing Our Unique 100% Recycled Textile

A look into developing GROUNDTRUTH products, made out of 100% recycled material.