GROUNDTRUTH x Players for the Planet

GROUNDTRUTH x Players for the Planet

Players for the Planet was founded by Major League Baseball player Chris Dickerson with the goal of uniting professional athletes to create positive change for our environment. Players for the Planet works to connect professional athletes, sports teams, and organisations with actionable opportunities to serve and protect our natural world and the environment - from beach clean ups, youth engagements and tree planting. 

"Nelson Mandela once said; sport has the power to change the world, it has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people in the way that little else does, it speaks to the youth in a language they understand." Chris Dickerson, Co-Founder Player for the Planet


Players for the Planet believe the responsibility to preserve and protect our planet falls on each and every one of us. As professional athletes, they are fortunate enough to have a powerful platform and the resources we need to create positive change in our world when it needs our help more than ever. 

At GROUNDTRUTH we believe in the power of cross collaboration to strengthen our message of reducing single use plastic. By partnering with people and organisations that share our message and mission, we can reach further afield and create positive change. 

"We need to carve a new and healthier future for people and our planet - and that starts with reengaging with youth. What Chris has built with Players for the Planet is inspirational. We are proud to partner with real change makers who are actively working with communities on the ground to ignite a new awareness around the global plastic pollution crisis." Georgia Scott, Co-Founder & CEO GROUNDTRUTH



GROUNDTRUTH's high performance range of bags and accessories are created entirely out of 100% recycled plastic and crafted in a supply chain that puts people and our planet central to the purpose. 

Using the code PFTP2023 at checkout, you will get 10% discount off your order and GROUNDTRUTH will be contributing another 20% of net sales to support the important work of Players for the Planet!



Together we will collaborate to raise awareness and promote positive planet friendly lifestyle changes.  

GROUNDTRUTH and Players for the Planet have a shared lifestyle philosophy: 

  • Buy less and invest in durable well made products
  • Buy sustainable products made from recycled plastic
  • Buy products that have a carbon neutral footprint
  • Use reusable water bottles to help reduce single use plastics
  • Stop using plastic shopping bags, instead use durable reusable shopping totes

Stay tuned for more news on this partnership coming soon! 

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