Shop the complete range of adventure-ready accessories, from laptop bags to tech pouches to our 3L Camera bag. All built with our robust and bespoke 100% rPET textiles.


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RIKR 2.5L Cross-Body Sling GROUNDTRUTH #color_Eco-X BlackRIKR 2.5L Cross-Body Sling GROUNDTRUTH #color_Eco-X Black
RIKR 2.5L Cross-Body Sling Sale price£56.00 GBP
RIKR Laptop BagRIKR Laptop Bag Laptop Bag GROUNDTRUTH
RIKR Laptop Bag Sale priceFrom £64.00 GBP
RIKR Tech Pouch Tech Pouch GROUNDTRUTHRIKR Tech Pouch Tech Pouch GROUNDTRUTH
RIKR Tech Pouch Sale price£56.00 GBP
The Tech Bundle, Laptop bag & Tech pouch stop motionThe Tech Bundle, Laptop bag & Tech pouch
The Tech Bundle Sale priceFrom £95.00 GBP Regular price£120.00 GBP
RIKR Camera BagRIKR Camera Bag Camera Bag GROUNDTRUTH
RIKR Camera Bag Sale price£79.00 GBP
The photographer bundle, 24L backpack and Camera bagThe photographer bundle, 24L backpack and Camera bag
The Photographers Bundle Sale price£269.00 GBP Regular price£369.00 GBP
GROUNDTRUTH Ocean Bottle 500ml #color_Obsidian BlackGROUNDTRUTH Ocean Bottle 500ml #color_Obsidian Black
Ocean Water Bottle Sale price£39.00 GBP
RIKR Cross-body Phone BagRIKR Cross-body Phone Bag Phone Bag GROUNDTRUTH
RIKR Cross-body Phone Bag Sale price£39.00 GBP
Shopping Tote 3.1 Shopping Tote GROUNDTRUTHShopping Tote 3.1 Shopping Tote GROUNDTRUTH
Shopping Tote 3.1 Sale price£35.00 GBP
RKIR Card Holder Card Holder GROUNDTRUTHRKIR Card Holder Card Holder GROUNDTRUTH
RIKR Card Holder Sale price£20.00 GBP
RIKR Travel Wallet (BAFTA edition) Travel Wallet GROUNDTRUTHRIKR Travel Wallet (BAFTA edition) Travel Wallet GROUNDTRUTH
RIKR Key Chain Sale price£15.00 GBP
Shopping Tote 1.2 Tote Bag GROUNDTRUTHShopping Tote 1.2
Shopping Tote 1.2 Sale price£19.00 GBP
Shopping Tote 1.3 Tote Bag green print GROUNDTRUTHShopping Tote 1.3 Tote Bag in a bag GROUNDTRUTH
Shopping Tote 1.3 Sale price£19.00 GBP
GROUNDTRUTH ethical products with the People who making it in our mind - Humanights

We value the personal relationships we have with the people making our bags and we have a responsibility to ensure happy, fair and sustainable conditions.

Great Britch Brand Award to GROUNDTRUTH - Friends of the planet 2024
GROUNDTRUTH win the Dezeen award for design
Groundtruth rated Good on you
The Technical Tote Rated Gear of the year by Wired
Groundtruth won Drapers sustainable fashion Award
Groundturth won Good design Award Gold winner