Backpack Hip Belt | RIKR

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True to our ethos of, only buy what you need, we offer modular products. Introducing the RIKR waist belt accessory, enhancing ultimate comfort for your outdoor adventures when using your GROUNDTRUTH Backpack. Easily attached to the RIKR 24L , RIKR 23L and RIKR 20L.

Each product removes 12 plastic bottles from our environment.

"Sustainable, carbon neutral, sturdy and perfect for the Arctic, the desert or the boardroom - GROUNDTRUTH covers it all."

Groundtruth - The Times logo in white
GROUNDTRUTH products made from 100% recycled plastic bottle collected from our environment

100% recycled materials reduce our consumption of natural resources. Our bluesign-certified manufacturers adhere to the Global Recycled Standard to minimise harmful emissions and the use of water and energy.