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We believe that humanity and the environment are inextricably linked and that the people who make our bags are as important as the people who buy them.

During development, we searched extensively to find a manufacturer who shared this ethos. We have forged a strong partnership with a family-run manufacturers in Jakarta whose exemplary attitude towards worker wellbeing and sustainability sets them apart as a leader in their field.

Employing workers from the local area they prevent the harmful family separation that is widespread within this industry. They work shorter hours, are provided with access to training, healthcare and access to education for their children. 

These values emphasise the human to human connections within our company, fostering a sense of fellowship that spans cultures and continents.

Our workers

Over the years of development and production we have called Jakarta our second home, spending lengthily periods of time in our manufacturers working with our team. We film and document every step to ensure total transparency - even visiting the workers home to check living standards. We value these personal relationships as these are the people making our bags and we have a responsibility to ensure happy, fair and sustainable conditions.
The workers income is 11% above the government minimum wage and they are always granted time off if they request it. Mr. Salim, the owner, strives for a good work/personal life balance for all his employees. We are happy to share a short film below on the people who make the GROUNDTRUTH bags.

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Through our work around the world, we have witnessed the harmful effect that human activity is having on the environment. We are working to reduce and mitigate the impact of climate change, to minimise pollution, and to preserve valuable natural resources.

Every single element in our range is made from 100% recycled material, using post-consumer plastic recovered from landfill sites, waterways and oceans worldwide and have already removed over 480,000 plastic bottles. 

By using 100% recycled materials, we are also able to reduce our consumption of natural resources – an approach which extends throughout our supply chain. By working with our bluesign®-certified manufacturers who adhere to the Global Recycled Standard, minimising harmful emissions and the use of water and energy, ensures that our products are produced in the most ecologically protective way possible.

The bluesign® System

GROUNDTRUTH products are manufactured according to the standards of the bluesign® system. bluesign® sets out a range of principles that the textile supply chain must follow: eliminating the use of harmful pollutants, minimizing the consumption of valuable resources, purifying all waste water, and setting out strict rules for the reduction and filtering of atmospheric emissions.

By following this system, we ensure that the manufacturing of our products causes the least possible harm to our planet.

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Our design concepts evolve on the road. Functionality is at the core of our design ethos and we trial and test every product - for style, function and our newly innovated materials and components.

Each GROUNDTRUTH range is field tested in the environment it was designed for.

Along with ourselves making rigorous testing our selected ambassadors use the products in their work. Real people doing real things, in real environments with products designed to last. 

Our debut range, the RIKR range is tested by Robert Swan - a British explorer, environmentalist and the first man to walk unsupported to both the North and South Poles.

“If recycled plastic bottles can be made into something that can survive these conditions - no one can ever doubt the durability of GROUNDTRUTH.”

ROBERT SWAN, Explorer and Environmentalist. Founder, 2041.

Performance film coming soon!

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GROUNDTRUTH Partnership with WildlifeWorks

We have teamed up with Wildlife Works to fully offset our travel and electricity usage through the Mai Ndombe REDD+ project based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

This project protects over 740,000 acres of the world’s second-largest intact rainforest and is home to an array of biodiversity, including endangered forest elephants. The rainforest also helps to regulate the planets temperatures and helps to clean our air.

In our efforts to become completely carbon neutral, we have started by offsetting all of our travel and the energy we use for the production of our bags.

To minimise the impact of this we are offsetting 113 tonnes of CO2 by buying carbon credits from the Mai Ndombe project. Your purchase of any GROUNDTRUTH product directly supports this vital project.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

At GROUNDTRUTH we are working on 10 of the 17 goals:

1. No Poverty
5. Gender Equality
6. Clean Water and sanitation
7. Affordable and clean energy
8. Decent work and economic growth
11. Sustainable cities and communities
12. Responsible consumption and production
13. Climate action
14. Life below water
15. Life on land

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