GROUNDTRUTH is harnessing new technologies to create a range of 100% recycled products. We are developing bespoke, sustainable materials and inventive design features in direct response to the demands of a new era of global travel.

This determined approach demonstrates how creativity and technology can push boundaries and drive progress at the forefront of our industry.

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100% Recycled Fabric

GROUNDTRUTH is founded on a commitment to innovate, and the drive to move the recycling industry forward. Working with a specialist textile mill in Taiwan, we have created a unique and bespoke new 100% recycled fabric for use throughout our range. Each RIKR backpack removes 120 plastic bottles from our environment.

Our high-performance GT-RK-001 textile is manufactured from 100% recycled PET, using plastic waste collected from landfill sites, waterways and oceans worldwide. With a 600 denier ballistic yarn structure for premium strength, a unique triangular ripstop weave, and a water-repellant TPU coating, it offers unparalleled durability and resistance to the elements.

Our Recycling Process

To create our bespoke recycled textile, GROUNDTRUTH has partnered with a recycling factory in the Tangerang district of Indonesia, which receives an average of 2000 tons of plastic refuse every single week.

This plastic, which is collected from ecosystems all over the world, is made into pellets and spun into yarn, before being woven by our textile manufacturers to create all of our 100% recycled fabrics. Every step of this process is thoroughly researched and documented.

Recycled Fabric

Innovative Materials

We have searched worldwide for premium recycled materials to use within our products, alongside our bespoke textile. Each material has been chosen for its quality, provenance and performance, ensuring that our products are as refined and resilient as they are sustainable.

We are constantly exploring new technologies and materials to incorporate into our range, so we remain at the forefront of innovation.

Our Materials

* Bespoke GT-RK-001 TRISTOP Ballistic 600D 100% recycled PET main body textile with water-repellent coating.
* Ballistic 1200D recycled PET.
* Recycled 420D Nylon Hypalon with double-sided water-resistant coating.
* Durable and easy-clean recycled PET ripstop 150D lining.
* Protective recycled PET fleece (laptop compartment lining).
* Recycled PET mesh.* Triple-layer recycled PET Airmesh.
* Recycled PET dense non-woven felt padding.
* YKK NATULON® recycled zips.
* Injection-moulded recycled PET hardware.
* Recycled PET binding, thread and elastic.

Recycled PET Airmesh

Airmesh is a knitted microfibre textile with high tensile strength and a technical triple-layer structure. Our recycled PET airmesh features a moisture-wicking underlayer, a central core to promote airflow, and an outer layer that dissipates heat.

This structure makes it well-suited for use on the back panels and straps of our backpacks, where it remains cool and dry during extended wear.

Plastic Bottle for Recycling

We are working with the PT. Langgeng Jaya Recycling Plant in Jakarta, Indonesia, to source some of the plastic waste which our products are made from.

The plant works with waste PET gathered from across Indonesia; it receives around 2,000 tonnes of waste plastic per week, combating the catastrophic plastic pollution problem that has developed within the country and its surrounding waters.

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