Three top tips for reducing your Plastic use

Oct. 2019 

We produce over 360 million tones of plastic each year of which 8 million tones end up in our Oceans.


Even if the problem seems huge at times, we all have the possibilities to impulse the change and shift towards using less plastic. Our three tips below are easy and cheap but can have a great impact in changing the worldwide plastic consumption.

People produce millions of tones of plastic every day
  • Always have your own reusable bottle with you. We use Chilly's water bottle, retailing around £25 and can contain your hot drinks as well as your cold!

The most used plastic in the world are plastic bottles - over 500 billion per year. 120 recycled plastic bottles are used to create our RIKR 24L backpack. These plastic bottles that create our backpack are gathered directly from our environment.

Majority of the 500 billion plastic bottles end up in our environment instead or recycling facilities. So, by always having your reusable bottle with you, you would avoid the need to buy water bottles and there fore reduce the use of plastic bottles in our environment.

  • Buy bulk products instead of packaged products


We all have seen these insane photos of packaged vegetables and fruits. As if nature hasn't invented its own clever packaging. More and more stores are proposing unpackaged products and even bulk products so that you can come with your own containers and fill them up. From food to beauty products, there are a lot of solutions emerging.

  • Always have your tote bag with you!

Every second, 160,000 plastic bags are used around the world! Our GROUNDTRUTH bag in a bag tote is easy to use and fold away into a convenient size to bring with you where ever you go. Made from 8 recycled plastic bottles.


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