Green Adventures for 2024

Green Adventures for 2024
As we embark on 2024, I’m sure like us, you’re looking ahead at how to make the most of this brand new year. At GROUNDTRUTH our origins are rooted in looking after our planet and our people, so we’ll continue to embed this philosophy in all that we do. Our mantra is explore and protect so with this in mind, we’ve set out some ways to be a greater greener explorer, as we head into new beginnings.

Buying Better

According to a report by the Hot or Cool Institute published in 2022, everyone in the world needs to reduce their annual fashion consumption to 5 items per year, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to keep global warming to 1.5C. Vogue’s Emily Chan took the challenge and wrote about it.

Gallivanting Greener 

This year is set to be the biggest for travel since before the pandemic, so how do we Gallivant Greener? Juliet Kingsman is an eco travel expert and writes Travelling Sustainably for Conde Nast Traveller with hacks, apps and switches, to make your escapades more enriching, enlightening, and economical.

Embracing Nature

Being outside is scientifically good for us. From gentle park strolls to wild swimming or wilderness walks, we should embrace more time in the great outdoors. We are headquartered in one of the greenest capitals in the world, and Secret London tracked down London green spaces that are downright magical.

Flocking Together 

Find joy in the every day through being part of a community and giving back. Whether it’s through creating green urban spaces with Urban Growth or birdwatching with Flock Together; who started life as a birdwatching club and has since evolved into a leading global outdoors movement, redefining how we see nature.

Whatever your resolutions for this year, we're wishing you a very Happy 2024! 


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